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Star Anise

Star Anise

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Star Anise 1 Oz

Star anise has a black licorice like flavor that is added to some holiday beers.

Star anise has a flavor that is stronger and sharper than aniseed and retains its flavor longer.

Because of this strong flavor, Star Anise is generally added to boiling wort in the last 30 minutes of boil in fairly small quantities depending upon the style of beer. Add as little as a single star anise in a lighter beer for a subtle flavor, or as much as a whole ounce in a single five gallon batch for a pronounce flavor in a full flavored beer.

Star Anise goes best in beers that use roasted malt or chocolate malt because of its strong flavor.

To test star anise's flavor try making a tea by add four too five whole star anise to a cup of hot water and boil for two minutes. Cover and steep for another ten.

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