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Millet King Foods Canada

Whole Organic Red Millet Seed

Whole Organic Red Millet Seed

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High Gelantinzation Temperature

Although the gelatinization temperature will likely slightly change with different varieties, overall, millet has a very high gelatinization temperature compared to most grains. In a study of over 20 varieties, the range was from 168ºF-173ºF.2 Because this range is warmer than typical mashing temperatures, a cereal mash would have to be performed. Simply boil the millet for 10 minutes, drain, and add directly to the mash. Make sure to properly adjust the mash-in temperature to account for the recently boiled warm grains

Home Malting Millet

you could try malting it yourself at home (or just use it raw). If you do try home malting it, a good germination temperature would be around 71°F and hold for a few days. You might see higher diastatic power if you increase the germination time (from 2-6 days). A good kilning temperature and duration appear to be around 122°F for 18 hours. Malted millet had a saccharification time of 20 minutes, which is slower than typical well-modified barley malts (10-15 minutes), but not a dealbreaker.

Whole Organic Cerise Red Millet Seed, (very versatile seed)

Product Of Canada-Certified Organic by OCIA-Great for Sprouting good source of fiber, slow released carbs, calcium, phosphorus.-Great for Malting your own Gluten Free Beers,

or grinding into flour-Good for a growing medium for mushroom mycelium-Grown by Millet King Food Canada Inc.

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